1. Undertaking

1.1 INFINITY Car Hire undertakes to provide all services offered subject to the terms and conditions set out herein, which terms and conditions are accepted by the Client.

1.2 INFINITY Car Hire makes every effort to ensure that its various services provided will be carried out efficiently and as specified.

1.3 INFINITY Car Hire reserves the right to sub-contract vehicles in an emergency, and when this right is exercised the substitute vehicle will, as far as circumstances permit, compare equally with Infinity Car Hire vehicles.

1.4 INFINITY Car Hire reserves the right to decline renting out a vehicle without giving any reasons

2.Standards & Safety

INFINITY Car Hire undertakes that:

2.1 Vehicles provided have air-conditioning and are large enough to accommodate the number of passengers and luggage as is specified.

2.2 All vehicles are roadworthy certified and comply with relevant safety regulations

2.3 All our drivers are licensed in terms of local legislation (Department of Road Traffic Malawi) and are trained and possess the necessary driving qualifications and skills.

3.Vehicle Delivery

3.1 The Vehicle can be collected at our depot or it can be delivered free of charge if within Lilongwe CBD properties. A Vehicle delivery fee applies for All Vehicle deliveries outside Lilongwe Old Town and City Centre.

3.2 Delivery of the Vehicle takes place at the time the Client or his representative takes possession of the keys and/or Vehicle at the Renting Location or any other place stipulated in the Rental Agreement.

3.3 The Vehicle shall be deemed to have been delivered in good order and repair (fair wear and tear excluded) unless any damage to the Vehicle is recorded in writing on the vehicle checklist and signed by both parties. In the event that no damage is recorded in writing at the time of delivery of the Vehicle (fair wear and tear excluded), it will be accepted that the Vehicle was delivered to the Client without any damages and any damage recorded at the time of return of the Vehicle (fair wear and tear excluded) will be for the account of the Client.

4.Vehicle Usage

4.1 The Vehicle may only be utilized for the Rental Period, as stated in the Rental Agreement, or any Extended Period agreed upon between the parties.

4.2 The Vehicle may only be driven by the Client, Driver or Additional Driver. The Driver or Additional Driver must have his valid unendorsed Driver’s license with him at all time when driving the Vehicle.

4.3 During the Rental Period or any Extended Period thereof, the Vehicle may not be used:

4.3.1 Tow any other vehicle or trailer unless prior written authorisation is provided by INFINITY Car Hire.

4.3.2 Conveyance of passengers and/or goods for payment

4.3.3 Carry any materials in excess of the weight carrying capacity of the vehicle.

4.3.4 Go beyond the borders of Malawi (unless prior written authorisation is provided by Infinity Car Hire

4.4 The Client shall make adequate provision for the safety and security of the Vehicle when the Vehicle is not in use, in that the Vehicle shall (including but not limited to the following) be kept properly locked, secured and immobilized and have the alarm (if any) activated.

4.5 The Client shall take all reasonable steps to ensure that the Vehicle remains in good and safe working order, including regularly checking the oil, water and Tyre pressure, immediately ceasing use of the Vehicle in the event the Vehicle is damaged or the electronic diagnostics of the vehicle indicate the presence of a fault or problem or service needed in relation to the Vehicle.

4.6 Smoking is not permitted on board INFINITY Car Hire Vehicles. For transfers, Comfort stops will be made en route to your destination.


5.1 Our Vehicles are on third party cover. Comprehensive insurance cover can be arranged on request 24 hours before taking delivery of the vehicle.


6.1 Booking will only be reserved once a deposit of 50% has been confirmed by Infinity Car Hire. The balance to be settled when taking delivery of the Vehicle

6.2 Should the Client default payment within the agreed period, Infinity Car Hire reserves the right to use all legal means necessary to recover the payment at the cost of the client without any recourse to the same.

7.Client’s Risks and Liabilities

7.1 The Vehicle is rented by the Client at his sole risk, from Delivery of the Vehicle until such time as Infinity Car Hire has recorded the Vehicle as returned in terms of clause 10.

7.2 The Client shall be liable for all Damages and / or total loss sustained to the Vehicle, whether the damage and / or loss are caused and / or whether or not it is attributable to his fault or negligence (including but not limited to hail damage and other acts of God).

8.Breakdowns and Accidents

8.1 In the event of a Vehicle break down or any Damage to the Vehicle, the Client shall notify INFINITY Car Hire immediately and report the incident to the nearest Police station within 24 hours.

9.Extension, Cancellation & Termination of Rental Agreement

9.1 Irrespective of anything to the contrary stated in this Rental Agreement, should there be any breach of the terms and conditions in this rental agreement then Infinity Car Hire shall be entitled to end this agreement without any explanation at any time by notice (verbally or in writing depending on the situation) to the Client, and when this happens the Client shall return the Vehicle to Infinity Car Hire immediately.

9.2 If the Client fails to return the Vehicle to Infinity Car Hire, Infinity Car Hire shall be entitled at any time to retake possession of the Vehicle, wherever found and from whosoever has possession thereof. The obligations of the Client and the rights of Infinity Car Hire under this Rental Agreement shall remain in force until the Vehicle has been returned to Infinity Car Hire in terms of this Rental Agreement and the Client has complied with all his obligations. Any costs incurred in recovering the Vehicle will be for the account of the Client.

9.3 All amendments and cancellations shall only be valid if received by INFINITY Car Hire in writing. Infinity Car Hire reserves the right to have the Vehicle inspected before authorising the extension of the Rental Period.

9.4 No refunds will be made for no-shows or any unused services irrespective of whether they form part of a package price, or whether they are in respect of pre- booked optional arrangements

9.5 In the event that any Additional Equipment (if applicable) is lost or damaged, the Client will be liable for the replacement value thereof. The replacement value will be charged to the Client’s account.

10.Vehicle Return

10.1 The Client shall return the Vehicle and Additional Equipment (if applicable) undamaged, in good order and in roadworthy condition, fair wear and tear excepted  to an authorised representative of INFINITY Car Hire on the agreed return date, time and at the agreed Renting Location reflected on the Rental Agreement.

10.2 The Client acknowledges that failure to return the Vehicle in terms of the Rental agreement shall constitute unlawful possession of the vehicle by the Client, and INFINITY Car Hire may repossess the Vehicle wherever it may be found and from whomsoever is in possession thereof. Any costs incurred in recovering the Vehicle (including legal costs), as well as the cost of any additional rental days, will be for the account of the Client.

10.3 Should the Vehicle not be returned as indicated in 10.1 above, the Vehicle may be reported as stolen with the relevant authorities without any notice.

10.4  Should a Vehicle, in INFINITY Car Hire’s sole discretion, require valet cleaning, the valet charges will be billed directly to the Client’s account.


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